Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Wonder That is Ribbon!

Recently I was at Hancock Fabrics and noticed the bags of Christmas ribbon they had on sale. With a price tag of 77 cents, I had to pick up a couple. The thing about this “Christmas” ribbon was that it was in no way limited to Christmas colors. Still not sure why it was even labeled the way it was, but it worked to my advantage. Initially, I fully intended to put it to use for gift wrapping. Then, I ran across this article by Diana Durkes about using ribbon to upholster old and worn furniture and bring it back to vibrant life.  I absolutely loved the effect of the multi-colored ribbon as a stand in for fabric. I had plenty of ribbon, but no chair in need of a facelift. I did have a stool that was doubling as a bedside catchall that was not too cute though.

I layered the ribbons vertically and horizontally in no particular pattern; just making sure none of the seat was visible. I could have done a basket weave or any other number of patterns, but I kept it simple. I improvised my own method of simply double knotting the ribbon underneath to secure it in place. Not as put together and clean in its aesthetic, but I like the whimsy of glimpsing the ribbon underneath. The good news is….this project cost me less than $1 and I have plenty of ribbon left!

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