Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DIY Bubble Wrap Insulation

All the cold rain we have been having lately got me thinking about how to stay warm this winter without taking a major hit in the pocketbook.  Since it is also Green Week, I've been considering how to reduce my environmental impact as well.  After some research online, it turns out bubble wrap is the perfect solution to all these concerns.  Popular in actual green houses as well as homes just trying to be a little greener, applying bubble wrap to windows is an easy way to insulate and keep those heating bills under control.  That not only keeps me warm and toasty when it's cold outside for less money, it reduces my energy consumption.  That is what they call a win/win.

The cost of bubble wrap is minimal, but I had some just laying around.  It also happened to be a pretty lavender color, which was a plus from a decorative standpoint.  The greatest thing about this project was the simplicity.  All that's needed is an exacto knife and water.  Seriously.  Spray down the window panels with water, apply the bubble wrap (bubble side down), and cut to fit.  Done. 

I am really pleased with the results so far. The afternoon sun comes in through the kitchen door, and I crave any natural light I can get.  I worried that the bubble wrap would interfere with that.  In fact, it actually solved a problem.  I can keep my blinds up at all times because the bubble wrap distorts the view giving me privacy.  That is a huge benefit when it comes to apartment living!! 

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