Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everyone is in a New Moon Swoon

The Twilight Saga New Moon shattered box office records on its opening weekend leaving detractors no room to deny its mass appeal.  Though it is a franchise that appeals mainly to females of the teenage persuassion, no movie could make this large of an impact without having some adults (and maybe even a few males) partaking in the madness.  Confession.....I went to see it myself on Saturday.  Yes, I have embraced my inner 15 year old!  And she is loving the angst driven, highly emotional fantasy that brings vampires, werewolves and vulnerable humans together in the American Northwest of all places.

My mom has been heavy into jewelry making lately, and it's rubbed off a bit.  Drawing on some inspiration from the focus of New Moon's leading man, Jacob Black, I made a tribal necklace that anyone with dramatic flair, Twihard or no, can enjoy.  Jacob is a member of the Quileute Tribe which is an important part of his identity.  The silver feathers are of course an homage to Native American roots while also being one of the fashion world's favorite accessory.  The latest development in Jacob's world is his new werewolf status, so there was no question of having a howling wolf charm to adorn this necklace.  The perfect backdrop for these items had to be a textured disc that vaguely suggests both the moon and the wolfpack tatoo.  I wanted the references to be subtle, so that anyone could appreciate the piece. But the inspiration needed to shine through at the same time.

It is listed on my Etsy page as of now.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/ExpressiveElliotts  However, I am liking the look of it so much, that I won't be too upset if it does not sell.  I might want to keep this one for myself!!   

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