Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Wreath

I had a sad looking blank spot on my wall that was just screaming for a little holiday cheer.  I decided that I would have to use what was on hand since all the holiday money I had budgeted for the week went towards the Gingerbread House.  So, I went to the closet to rumage for something suitable.  I found some old shelf paper that was a green and blue plaid pattern.  I cut a few strips and went to work peeling and sticking it onto the floral ring I had.  I was not pleased with the outcome.  For one thing, the pattern just was not going to seem festive without some embellishment, and coming up with the embellishment would be a challenge in itself.  But even more disappointing was the way the paper kept puckering.  This was not going to work, so I went back to my closet for more inspiration.

I was going through my fabric bag and found the feather boa my friend bought for a Halloween costume this year.  It was the right color and would be super easy to attach to the ring.  I had my winner!  I simply wrapped the boa around the ring and tucked the ends to keep it in place.  The great thing about this is that I will be able to easily remove the boa when the wreath comes down, and it will survive to craft another day!  I wound some thick green ribbon around the top and secured it with a straight pin.  I had to use a thumb tack to hang it on the wall, but the ribbon does a perfect job of hiding that.  It was lacking a little oomph, so I went to my bow box, found the most glitzy of the bunch, and stuck it on the top with double sided tape.

I will admit that this wreath is not for everyone.  It is pretty dramatic; some might even say over the top.  But it was so easy to make and it makes me smile when I walk by it.  Who could have known that what adorned the devil from Halloween would be spreading cheer at Christmas!

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